Jim Blanchard in a Nutshell

You may be curious why this page is here, well, back in 2013 we ran a Trivia Hunt competition which was fantastic and we just didn’t want to let go.

We were very fortunate to have Jim Blanchard providing the trivia questions that were presented every month. Here is a little bit about Jim…in a nutshell!

Jim Blanchard is a native Manitoban, born in Minnedosa. He was educated at Brandon University, University of Manitoba and Western University. He has been a professional librarian since 1980. He currently works at the University of Manitoba.

Jim has an MA in history and has written four books and a number of articles which focus on local Winnipeg history. His most recent book is Winnipeg’s Great War published by University of Manitoba Press. This book tells the story of the impact of the first war on the City and its people.

Jim has served as President of the Manitoba Historical Society and chair of the board of Dalnavert Museum.

Jim worked in the Fort Garry Hotel when he was a student and has always had a deep affection for the beautiful old building. Jim thinks that the extensive and historically sensitive renovations that have been done by the current owners are an excellent example of what can be accomplished for our heritage buildings. He has many good memories of events he has attended at the Fort Garry and feels it is a great honor to be able to help with the centennial celebrations.

Some of the trivia questions that Jim will be writing over the next year can be answered using sites that can be found on the web and others will require you to get out and about in the City to find the answers.

Manitoba Historical Society Web Site
Manitoba Photos
Winnipeg 1912


Winnipeg 1912









Winnipeg’s Great War: A City Comes of Age





A Thousand Miles of Prairie: The Manitoba Historical Society and the History of Western Canada

Fort Garry

2 thoughts on “Jim Blanchard in a Nutshell

  1. My dad, William Pretulak (later changed to Petlock),(born May 1895)was the first bellhop at the Fort Garry Hotel. We have a picture of him take in front of the Hotel, but I wonder if it has been published elsewhere?

  2. I just have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this Trivia Hunt! It has been a wonderful distraction for me up here in the Arctic and has given me a tiny thrill to get 10/10 on all but 1 quiz given the challenging nature of the questions. What a wonderful way for people to become acquainted with such an amazing hotel! I have taken my family there twice this year…once for Easter and once for Thanksgiving…it has been our BIG treat when we fly out for the weekend from the Arctic Circle and has not disappointed. I wish the hotel continued success and grandeur into the future…

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